Sad to hear the sudden demise of National Patron Dr. K C Yadav

We are very Sad to know the sudden demise of National Patron of All India Yadav Mahasabha and Indian History of Modern and Colonial Indian History Dr. Kripal Chandra Yadav Ji.
Prof. K.C. Yadav : Eminent historian, was born on 1936 at Nahar, dist. Rewari, Haryana. He did his M.A. from the Punjab University, Chandigarh (1961) and Ph.D. from Rajasthan University, Jaipur. Having served at Kurukshetra University as Professor and Chairman, Department of History, and Director, Centre for Ambedker Studies, he retired from there as Dean of Academic Affairs in 1996. A widely traveled man, Dr. Yadav has visited several countries like Japan, U.S.A., France, Bhutan, etc. He was Visiting Professor at the Tokyo University of Foreign Studies from 1980-81. A specialist in Modern Indian History and regional and social justice studies, Dr. Yadav has authored over a dozen books published from India and abroad. He also worked as Director, Indian Institute of Social Justice, Gurgaon & Director of History Council of Haryana. He is the former director of the Academy of History & Culture, Haryana

Selected works:

Yadav, Kripal Chandra (1977). The revolt of 1857 in Haryana.
Yadav, Kripal Chandra; Arya, Krishan Singh (1988). Arya Samaj and the freedom movement.
Yadav, Kripal Chandra; Singh, Rajbir (1994). India's unequal citizens: a study of other backward classes.
Yadav, Kripal Chandra (1968). Haryana: studies in history and culture.
Yadav. K.C. (1988). Arya Samaj and the Freedom Movement: vol. 1: 1875-1918.
Yadav, K.C., (2000). Ahirwal : Ithas Evam Sanskriti (Hindi).
Yadav, K.C. (2001). Beyond the Mud Walls: Indian Social Realities.
Yadav, K.C.; Sharma S.R. (2002). Maharana Pratap : A Biography.
Yadav, K.C. (2002). Chaudhari Devi Lal: A Political Biography.
Yadav, K.C. (2002). Modern Haryana: History and Culture.
Yadav, K.C. (2003). Modern Haryana: History and Culture, Volume II .
Yadav, K.C. (2005). Bhagat Singh, Why I am an Atheist: An Autobiographical Discourse.
Yadav, K.C. (2007). Rao Tula Ram : A Biography.
Yadav, K.C. (2011). 1857 the Role of Punjab Haryana and Himachal Pradesh.

Edited works

Yadav, K.C., ed. (1987). The Autobiography of Dayanand Saraswati.
Yadav, K.C., ed. (1996). The Crisis in India, Reflections of Sir Chhoturam.
Yadav, K.C., ed. (2001). From Periphery to Centre Stage: Ambedkar, Ambedkarism and Dalit Future.
Yadav, K.C.; Seki, Akiko ed. (2003). Subhash Chandra Bose: The Last Days.
Yadav, K.C. (2004). Maulana Abul Kalam Azad: Chuninda Lekh Aur Abhibhashan.
Yadav, K.C., Singh, Babar ed. (2007). Bhagat Singh - The Ideas on Freedom, Liberty and Revolution: Jail Notes of a Revolutionary.
Yadav, K.C., ed. (2008). Mohammad Ali Khan An Autobiographical Discourse.